AV Wall Plates in UAE

Are you setting up AV Wall Plates for your conference space, hotel or your home theater? If yes, you have come to the right spot. We have got everything you may require for your AV wall plate needs as well as phone or ethernet wall plate requirements.

Things to check while buying AV wall plates

What is the first factor to check while buying an AV wall plate? Yes, it’s nothing but, the usage of the AV plate. Some may be used to enhance the home theater system, while others use it for a conference room set up and so on.

Use AV wall plate 3×3 to tighten up the appearance of your AV unit. It is your system designers job is to determine the kind of wall mounted receptacles and in wall volume controls you may require.

Specifications of our AV wall plate

We develop wide range of AV wallplates to make sure they are exactly as the customers need. Being a manufacturer and the in house designers of AV wallplate and AV faceplates, we create perfect custom made plates for your installation.

  • Our AV wall plate 3×3 dimension is designed to fit seamlessly into any AV type environment. This eases the usage and the whole system trustworthiness.
  • We provide customized AV wallplates in UAE that offers professional connectivity and best finish while using in any installations.
  • The AV wall plate is designed to fit standard electrical boxes and cable channel systems.
  • Our wall plates manage your wires efficiently and neatly.
  • Customized AV wall plates in UAE are available in wide variety that fit into single gang wall box. It also comes in various colors and finishes.

We design own custom wall plates, you can speak to our design about the requirement where you will get the perfect advise and design of your wall plate.

Don’t buy any plate when you can design your own plate that you need.

Be in touch with us and get AV wall plates in the way you need them.

Customized AV Wall Plates in UAE


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